We're currently designing detailed plans with graphics in coordination with Bam so we can show you a realistic view of our development project. These are coming soon, but in the meantime we have provided a written version of the dream we have for Hartlepool for you.

Our idea centralises around pedestrianising central areas of Hartlepool, mainly York Road. Once a bustling street of independent businesses, linking into bus networks and current facilities, York Road needs restoring to its former glory, improving business and the environment. 

Our vision of an accessible, thriving town center is an extension of existing plans and developments which have seen Church Street improved, planning permission granted for an aquatics center on the Marina and a current construction project reinstating Hartlepool train station's second platform.

We also aim to take the shopping experience outside through seamless blending of buildings and outdoor areas, linking into existing visions for Middleton Grange Shopping Centre to be regenerated.

We want to build upon plans already submitted and in many cases approved for Hartlepool to reduce any possible disruption should these plans come to fruition. We looked at the possibility of regenerating Seaton Carew but quickly discovered most Hartlepool business is located in the town centre and Seaton development plans would focus on tourism and not the people who live in Hartlepool everyday.