Hartlepool Town Deal

In September of 2019 Hartlepool was named as one of 101 towns across England who had been invited to work with the government to develop innovative regeneration plans to transform their town’s economic growth prospects. Each town has been given an initial grant to support the development of a Town Investment Plan and will be eligible for £25 million in funding to realise these plans.

In Spring 2020, a Town Deal Board was set up to identify priorities for investment, bringing together business stakeholders, partners and the community. Streetwise Vision's proposals link into development and regeneration already planned for Hartlepool, putting the town in a great position for huge modernisation in the next 10 years.

local investment

Development proposals include further town centre regeneration, including the re-imagining of the Middleton Grange Shopping Centre to create a clearly-defined mixed heart for the town centre; better links between the marina, town centre and railway station; and health and civil engineering training institutes that will help people develop new skills. 

Visit the Invest In Hartlepool website to find more information and news about the Hartlepool Town Deal and business news within the area.