Frequently asked questions

We understand that whilst there are overwhelming benefits of our regeneration plans for Hartlepool, some people may worry that we're overlooking issues such as traffic management, access to businesses for deliveries and collections and pedestrian safety.

Below is our comprehensive list of asked questions, which we formed in coordination with 'Team Tod', another team in the Big Project, to ensure a thorough and non-biased list. They also build on questions we have been asked during project pitches to a panel of local business mentors. We hope this assures you we are taking into account all possible problems and if you wish to discuss any personal questions, please contact us.


Where will traffic go?

Traffic will be able to use roads either side of Middleton Grange as our plan will only prevent cars driving down the most central parts of the town. Access for business deliveries and car park will be completely unaffected.

Is the plan realistic for Hartlepool?

Our plan links in with existing plans for Hartlepool town centre meaning our developments would seamlessly fit into the current regeneration projects. Concerning funding, you can visit our budgeting page to find out more.

Does Hartlepool need more business space?

Surveys we have conducted firmly show that Hartlepool citizens want more options for shopping locally and businesses also want more shops around to attract more customers overall. Our plans would make the area we intend to develop more accessible and environmentally friendly too. 

Who does Streetwise vision benefit?

Local businesses as well as larger chains will see an increase in footfall and turnover but the project puts the local people at the heart of Hartlepool's future.