Streetwise Vision

 Streetwise Vision is all about making Hartlepool a safer and happier place, which we propose to do by regenerating the town and pedestrianising central areas.

Latest Updates

Streetwise Vision is through to Round 3 of the Big Project!

Meeting with HBC Planning Department to discuss the possibility of our plan.

Surveys Published with the first results coming in!

Streetwise Vision is the front of a project created to compete in a school competition organised by 'Jacobs' in North East England. Based in Hartlepool, Streetwise Vision is Team 7 within the internal school competition and in our opinion, we have the best, most realistic and economically sensible plan for regenerating Hartlepool over the next 10 years out of our competition. But we've created our website to let you decide that and help us on our mission for economic growth and social improvements for Hartlepool.


Once a major ship building port town, Hartlepool has been left behind, underfunded and suffering the years of neglect it has faced. As with much of Northern England, Hartlepool is bidding for Levelling Up funding and the regeneration of the declining town center is our priority.